Our dedication is our vision – Release of our first storybook.

Sycoforge is a collaborative group that’s made up of a team of innovative designers, forward-thinking mathematicians, and contemporary engineers. More importantly, however, Sycoforge is about creativity.

Together, we came up with something more than a state-of-the-art gaming experience, but a true, engrossing universe of places, stories, characters, and people. Our upcoming release, Return to Nangrim, is something we’ve been working on extensively with a manic attention to details in every aspect of the project.

 Our crew has been working to create something that is more than just a simple game, but an entirely immersive cosmos. Our dream has been to design characters that live in a world that has a broad sense of culture, history, and language.

 It has taken us nine years of hard work to create something that is real, authentic and so in-depth that we can open up infinite possibilities for gamers.

With so much fast-paced and action-packed games on the market today, we wanted to create something different – a gaming experience that has high stakes, but that is also full of surprise, intrigue, and fascination.

 As a little teaser for our upcoming game, Return to Nangrim, we have launched the first chapter of an interactive audio book series about the world we have created. Chapter 1 will focus on the startling tale of the Guardians of the Grate Gates of Nangrim. The topic of the next installment in the series will be left entirely up to our fans: whatever character or society they want to hear more about, we will make it happen!



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