Swiss Game Dev BBQ – First Edition

In the last week of June, we had the pleasure of hosting the very first Swiss Gamedev BBQ at 26rosegarden in Zurich! After weeks of preparation and brainstorming all invitations had been sent out and the big day was finally here..

…and it was raining…

The whole week the weather was quite nice, but on the day of the BBQ the weather gods decided to rain cats and dogs. But this wasn’t going to stop us from hosting an awesome event, so we kept on setting up and ignored the weather completely.


We took care of the physical wellbeing of our guests via plentiful beverages, including Bordjal (the Stonebeard’s Hilduir translation for beer) that could be tapped directly from a Stonebeard keg!

Yes… we have our own keg! 😀

Our grillmaster Jacomo from 26rosegarden gave it everything and lit up the grill despite the weather.

And as well as different typical swiss grill specialities, he also prepared an awesomely delicious flamin’ hot Texas Chili that was inspired by the awesome original recipe that reddit user u/FictionalHerbage provided (Thank you again! We will try the original one as soon as we get our hands on all the original ingredients 😊).


fiery hot pot of deliciousness! mmmmhhh…

And then finally the gods decided to be gracious, and the weather cleared up just in time for our first guests to arrive!

We were pleasantly surprised that so many swiss game studios gathered together to share a fun evening together.




Sharing knowledge



And just having a great time together!

By the end of the evening, we could all agree that it had been a great event and, for me personally, seeing so many swiss dev’s together, getting along and having fun, made this the best night of 2018 so far! And, as other’s shared my opinion too, I can happily announce that this is just the beginning! We’ve teamed up with Stray Fawn Studios to organize a subsequent event to keep the indie-grill-flame burnin’ 😉


Maybe we could do an Indie Dev Halloween event next? If you have any other ideas, let me know, I’m always open to inspiring ideas! 😀


And as a sidenote: If you happen to be in Zurich, go and check out

We’re looking forward to the next event!

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